Perimeter Security is a key component when developing an Island Site, incorporating a number of measures, including; the fencing requirement, access and egress, monitoring and detection equipment and an appropriately trained and motivated guard force.

Each part is as critical as the next in terms of ensuring that the scheme is successful and provides the required degree of protection.

With vast experience in specifying, procuring and delivering large Perimeter Security Schemes, our team are perfectly placed to deliver expert advice in this area.

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“Russ is widely known as the subject matter expert in his field. His dedication to providing the best advice and HVM solution to any event is outstanding. It is without doubt that his unique specialist knowledge in this field has likely helped reduce the threat and risk to the UK of a vehicle as a weapon attack at major events”

DCS Michael Orchard – National Coordinator, Protect and Prepare, UK Counter Terrorism Policing.