With the likely imminent introduction of the Protect Duty, (also known as Martyn’s Law), the need for competent people to carry out counter terrorism risk assessments is increasing.

With our experience coordinating Counter Terrorism Security and advising police forces at some of the biggest jobs in the world we can offer appropriate risk assessments and provide any necessary counter measures.

With no affiliation to any security company or provider of any services we have access to the full network of providers, offering the best value possible to mitigate the actual risks you face based on an assessment of your asset or event.

It is essential that each event, location or activity is based on itself, not on a scale, table or other commonly used measure. We will ensure that the measures proposed are proportionate to the actual threat.

It is our job to manage risk, not remove it. We believe strongly in proportionality and where possible, we will offer options and explain what those options mean to the client.

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“Continuous exceptional performance in the tactical planning and operational deployment at the G7 summit”

Richard Westlake – Director General, Counter Terrorism Policing UK